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This white paper delves into the complexities of IT service management (ITSM), pinpointing five pivotal pain points that significantly impede organizational efficiency and service quality: Lack of Process Integration, Inadequate Use of Automation, Poor Change Enablement, Limited Visibility and Reporting, and Dependency on Tribal Knowledge.


Each section provides a thorough examination of the challenges, shedding light on their impact on IT operations and service delivery. The document goes further to propose actionable strategies for overcoming these obstacles, emphasizing the integration of processes, the strategic deployment of automation technologies, the importance of effective change enablement practices, the need for comprehensive visibility and accurate reporting, and the reduction of reliance on undocumented knowledge. Illustrated through real-world case studies, these strategies showcase proven methodologies and interventions that have led to substantial improvements in ITSM practices.


Aimed at IT leaders and professionals, this white paper offers valuable insights and practical advice for transforming ITSM into a more efficient, agile, and resilient function within organizations.

Transforming IT Service Management

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